"Leave room for dessert" is a phrase that fits cheesecake like a glove. This dense (and calorie-rich) dessert is synonymous with indulgence; however, it is generally not associated with on-the-go convenience. To enjoy cheesecake, you better have a plate and fork at the ready. But that is changing with new Eattube cheesecake, a new product from Russia with the taste of a classic cheesecake, but in a portable tube. 

The package is similar in appearance to those used for toothpaste, shampoo, and other personal care items. The tube is said to be made from high-tech material that can withstand any extreme conditions.

Photographs from the brand's website show the 100% natural cheesecake being enjoyed while driving, riding on a skateboard and walking down the street. The packaging is claimed to be rugged enough to avoid any fear of leaking into a pocket or exploding in a bag. Chocolate and ‘New York’ are among the available flavours.

Dessert is less likely to be eaten with dinner today than in the past

“Dessert often seems left out when it comes to convenience food innovation, something Eattube hopes to remedy with a tube package. While the tube is a first for cheesecake, it may take some convincing for consumers to buy the marketing claim that the cheesecake within is similar to cheesecake you can buy 'in the best restaurants' since it is not clear how or if the crust is part of the experience," says Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData.

He adds: "The global trend toward meal simplification means that dessert is less likely to be eaten with dinner today than in the past. Convenient packaging that dispenses with the need for a fork or plate could arrest further slippage. 

"Consumers in Russia already put more emphasis on portability and ease of consumption for foods consumed out of the home than consumers globally (by a 54% to 38% margin, according to GlobalData's Q1 2017 global survey), a factor that could help this launch."

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