The fidget spinner is a toy that one holds between the thumb and index finger and spins for entertainment value. Though it has been around for years, the fidget spinner is enjoying new fame as a way to entertain kids who may have attention deficit issues (though the toy is said to have no specific medical benefits). More recently, fidget spinners have exploded globally thanks to YouTube videos showing kids doing tricks with them. Capitalising on the play value of the concept, Taste Beauty Glamspin takes a conventional fidget spinner and houses lip gloss in the three "props" of the propeller-like spinner unit. Colourful and fragrant peach whirl, strawberry cyclone, and grape twist lip glosses are embedded in the fidget spinner. Each has a plastic cap that can be opened and closed to access the lip gloss, which is spread onto the lips with a finger. The unit carries a retail price of $9.99.


Packaged goods makers are becoming more creative today​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData, says: "Packaged goods makers are becoming more creative today, trying to turn products into experiences to connect more closely with consumers. Taste Beauty's Glamspin is one example of these efforts, a product intended to capitalise on the fidget spinner fad. The nature of fads is that they come and go quickly, so Glamspin is not the kind of product one would expect to be around years from now. It does have the opportunity to ride the fidget spinner wave until it subsides, and the fidget spinner unit definitely stands out in a crowded category." 

He adds: "The youngest consumers of lip make-up products are more novelty-seeking than older consumers, a tendency that should help Glamspin. According to GlobalData's Q3 2016 survey, 28% of American women aged 18–24 – the youngest group surveyed – who use lip make-up products say they try new and different varieties 'often,' which is more than double the percentage of the oldest consumers surveyed (aged over 65)."

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